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If you must promote your business where most people are gathered, then these days many businesses cannot afford to ignore Social media sites. To ignore them would not only mean leaving money on the table but may also amount to placing one’s business at serious risk of going under.




Thanks to Social media sites, it has now become easier for businesses to target consumers because an increasing and sizeable number of consumers now regularly hang-out in communities online where they connect with people of like minds and quite openly share their life experiences, including what problems they need solved. This means that you the business owner can get in there, build relations with your potential customers and before long, they find that you offer the right solutions to their problems. The best thing about this is that since they had become introduced to you in the course of social networking, you would most likely have gained their trust.

Social Media Consultants Agency For Business at Affordable Rates

social media consultants photoConsequently, social media sites now present the best opportunity for businesses to directly connect and engage with potential new customers as well as to build on relationships with existing ones. As Social Media Consultants, our London agency can help you achieve such business goals with our social marketing services for uk local business at rates that are affordable.

Tecnomedia”s Social media consultancy offer advice and support regarding promotion on major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin; social networking video sites like Youtube; Photo and video sharing sites like Flickrr and Pinterest; and social blogging platforms like Squidoo, Blogger, Hubpages and . We will also not forget to mention instant messenger services like Skype, Google Talk etc. which can help businesses effectively network with contacts.

For those who might feel overwhelmed by all of these, we always only deploy a handful of these services. We simply take a look at your business and come up with a social marketing plan centered on a selection of social media platforms either to complement your seo campaigns or simply as a standalone. We also readily provide training (onsite or online) on each aspect of a social media service that is required for the operation of your business.

social media agency london photoIn addition to social media training, we offer full social media management, whereby as Social Media Managers we manage our clients’ social media presence across the various social media platforms to maintain a strong presence. So let us worry about social media integration with your business, while you spend more time on growing your business.

To start with, we provide you with free social media consultancy and advice on our range of social media marketing services and what these can do for you. This way you are able to make an informed decision in engaging our London based social media consultant agency. We are on hand to answer all your questions like what do social media consultants do or perhaps you want know how much or how do social media consultants charge clients or simply what are social media consultants fees, rates or contracts?

Call us on Tel: 0208 123 1402 to take advantage of our free 45 minutes social media consultancy service and get all your questions answered.  Social media consultant jobs of all sizes welcome.

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