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Gone are the days when a good website is judged by how good it looks. Today a beautiful website is only fit for an art gallery, if that is all it is… just a ‘good looker’ and hardly generates any traffic.

Tecnomedia U.K started as web designers and developers as far back as 2001 but gradually progressed into a broader based Digital Media Marketing Agency following the pains and disappointments of seeing many beautifully crafted websites submerged at the bottom of Google and other search engines.

For years, many business owners shelled out sums of money in design costs to traditional website designers but without any returns. Not surprising as traditional website designs do not incorporate search engine optimization that is needed to naturally draw visitors to a client’s website. Erroneously, the thinking was that website design was separate from search engine optimization (seo) and that the latter was best left to others. So many business owners simply got nice looking websites and left without any clue as to how to attract visitor traffic to their sites unless of course they had huge advertising budgets to dole out to Google Adwords advertising program.

At Tecnomedia, we quickly understood the fallacy in separating good quality web design from proper search engine optimization, though many still continue to make that mistake. We therefore appreciate the value and possess the know-how to not only create visually appealing websites but more importantly websites that will naturally attract huge numbers of visitors daily, without spending on advertising. So for SEO friendly web design services in London, look no further than Tecnomedia UK.

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