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SEO Services London UK at Affordable Prices

In search of new customers? Tecnomedia’s organic and professional SEO Services for London and UK businesses is what you need and at pricing you can afford. With our tried and tested measures and with every sense of modesty, we are able to rank virtually any website on page 1 of Google and thereby place such a business in a position to increase sales and generate more leads.

A little background

Google leads all internet traffic sources, accounting for over 6 percent of worldwide online traffic, according to Arbor Networks.

To set this in perspective, there are currently close to 2 billion internet users worldwide (about 240 million in the U.S and 52 million users in the U.K). In February, 2010 an estimated 6 billion searches worldwide were conducted at Google alone according to the Nielsen Company.

seo services uk photoThis is why Google is that king of Internet traffic every business owner should pay close attention to. At Tecnomedia (U.K), we have perfected and proofed measures to take virtually any website right to the top of Google to help you increase sales and get more leads for your business. With top Google rankings in the kitty, Yahoo and MSN Bing are easily conquered.

Our SEO Services UK package include the following (more confidential aspects are ommited here to protect our competitive edge – i.e our own secret winning ingredients):

A Fully Managed Search Engine Optimization Service
We track results against every step that we talk about below and constantly update every step and strategy as latest developments unfold.

Fully Researched keywords
This is truly the bedrock of SEO . We find keywords your potential customers are using to conduct searches so we can target them on your behalf to get you first page ranking on Google for those keywords.

Competitive Analysis
We tell you how well and what exactly your rivals are doing so you know exactly what to do to beat them.

Full On-Site/On-Page Optimisation
Please pay close attention to this, as after keyword research, this is it. All the gobbledygook about SEO is summed up here in the following 2 words, trust and relevancy.

Trust and Relevancy are the two watchwords that determine how Google rank web pages, no matter how often they change their algorithm. We employ white-hat methods to prepare your website to be trusted by Google as an Authority website within your niche and at the same time optimize it with fresh unique content in order to ensure your content is perceived by Google as highly relevant to your targeted keywords.

seo services london photoThe above is only a summary, as we achieve trust and relevancy using our own carefully developed and unique methods worthy of being described as our own ninja-tactics, (completely ethical), that guarantee our sites ranking for several keywords and hence traffic even before we begin to build in bound links to our site. A completely organic and natural seo ranking method that we have tried, tested and passed against Google algorithm, Panda, Penguin et al. Undoubtedly, one of the best seo services around.

Call us on Tel: 0208 123 1402 to take advantage of our free 45 minutes consultation services. You can equally use our contact form or any of our social media channels to contact us and get a true taste of what we are about.

Integration with Google Maps
This means your precise location and full contact details (i.e. address, phone number and link to your website) gets to show up at the top of Google when people search for local keyword phrases you are targeting.

Off-Site Optimization/Backlink Building
Backlinks can be a stimulant for traffic generation simply because Google and others tend to value them. Every external link back to your website is usually considered an endorsement by other sites and therefore a strong indication that your site is relevant and in demand thereby encouraging the Search Engines to rank your website higher. However, too much of anything is bad and Google knows it. Same goes for poor quality inbound links which Google also recognize. So what Google wants to see is good quality and natural increase in backlinks. We comply and our clients get rewarded with higher ranking websites.

Synchronization with Social Media
We create a network of your social media presence and seo optimize this. This way we are able to plug in search engine traffic into your social media presence and thereby super-charge your social traffic. Read more about our Social Media Marketing service.

Website Traffic Analytics
We tell you who is visiting, where they are coming from and what they are doing on your website. This way, you not only gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns but also better understand your visitors, their idiosyncracies and needs so you can better target them.

Monthly Progress Report On our expert professional SEO Services
This arrives each month like clockwork so you can track your site’s performance each month against the backdrop of the work we do for you.


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